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      About Us
      Shanghai xindian decoration design project is an integrated company integrating commercial space design, office space design, exhibition design, brand image SI system design and professional construction and production.
      Xindian devotes itself to creating overall commercial systematic design, providing design innovation, construction and production, site installation of a complete set of system design services. Uphold the craftsman attitude of excellence, the pursuit of excellence, so that every customer satisfaction. Since it was founded in 2005, the company has established 2000 ㎡ in Shanghai qingpu industrial zone, the manufacturing plant in suzhou in anhui 6000 ㎡, carpentry workshop, paint workshop, wrought iron workshop, finished product showroom.
      The company has more than 100 senior design and professional construction and production personnel, mainly facing large shopping malls, brand chain enterprises, catering enterprises, hotel space, home furniture, etc. The industry covers catering, food, clothing, luggage, jewelry and watches, household appliances digital, cosmetics and other terminal stores.
      Our Advantages
      Design, production, installation trinity, intelligent interconnection
      We have a professional team of system design, and have two production and processing plants in Shanghai and suzhou, anhui province. We have the comprehensive competitive advantage of system design, production, installation and after-sales service.
      We are applying ai to the overall system design. Help customers from brand image construction to the implementation and implementation of space environment design to provide professional and comprehensive services and guidance.
      Through AI (artificial intelligence), xindian will integrate "system design, production and production, installation and after-sale" to create core competitiveness.
      系統 設計
      生產 制作
      安裝 售后
      Our Philosophy
      User-centered, system service, reengineering ingenuity
      Adhering to the principle of "user-centered", we solve problems such as brand image, corporate culture, space design and exhibition for customers through systematic design. Provide excellent service to customers through professional construction and production.
      We provide systematic design and production services for our customers with the attitude of the new craftsman who strives for excellence.
      Our Vision
      Committed to become an excellent brand design service provider
      We constantly innovate, constantly break ourselves, only for more Professional design and construction
      We always work with users, smart links, value sharing
      Our Model
      Serve customers with artistic aesthetics and innovative design; masterly Cutting-edge technology serves customers
      Cooperation hotline:
      021 6402 5126 / 5485 1053
      The number of Shanghai public network is installed:31011702000204
      • 電話咨詢
      • 13370299388
      • 021-64025126
      • 021-54851053