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      Our Factory.
      Xindian Factory
      We and anhui, respectively, set up factories in Shanghai, the Shanghai factory is located in the qingpu waterford show road economic development zone, covers an area of 2000 ㎡. Anhui factory is located in the China traditional Chinese painting of the township of suzhou city xiao county economic development zone, covers an area of 6000 ㎡. The factory has more than 100 employees, including a woodworking workshop, a paint workshop, an iron art workshop and a display room for finished products.
      For a long time, xindian factory takes "happy culture" as the core, takes the new craftsman attitude of striving for perfection as the criterion, to polish every living product, and keeps the details in mind to determine the quality, and the quality shows the resounding slogan of human character.
      We create a happy enterprise, achieve happy employees, let more people live a happier life, xinpoint with a broad mind and innovative power, leading the way, write 100 years of brand aspirations.
      Carefully selected materials craftsmanship
      Each board of xindian factory has its story, it may stand out from each other, but without exception, adhering to a journey of pure manual and machine mutual: from manual material selection, manual planing, manual painting to manual quality inspection, to machine upgrading, respecting and adhering to furniture and exhibition cabinet aesthetics; It does not discipline, but inadvertently, the hands of the tens of millions of love has been subject. After inheriting and touching the value of the craft, you will understand xindian's exploration and thinking of each product, and you will also deeply feel that xindian is worthy of cooperation.
      Our Team.
      Xindian team
      We strive for excellence, uphold the spirit of craftsman, with the professional to achieve every detail perfection, practical and customer communication, create standard engineering
      Step 01
      Step 02
      Step 03
      Reception to negotiate
      Provide complete project plan drawing
      Confirm project quotation and detail
      Sign project construction contract
      Advance collection of project construction and production costs down
      Entry construction and production
      Completion inspection and acceptance
      So we're going to take project balance payment
      Lifelong maintenance
      Regularly visit

      Business shop decoration of several layout, you know how much?


      1, open layout: the overall open, no interval, good sight, streamlined.

          2, closed layout: the interval between the various units, pay attention to space interaction, uniqueness, suitable for brand stores.

          3, display layout: horizontal, vertical and 45 ° slash common organization streamline planning, can highlight the product display wall, is conducive to the exchange of goods, but more waste of space, easy to form dead ends, the design should weigh the pros and cons.

          4, shop in the shop layout: similar to the closed, you can open the adjacent store interval, enhance the openness and fun.

          Commercial shop decoration function, is the use of sound equipment and services to achieve the purpose of selling goods. The realization of this skill, must be through high quality and efficient management mechanism as a support. Space in a variety of different functional areas, reasonable and efficient combination of coherent is the excellent management of the hardware base. Therefore, the scientific and rational streamline design is the shop mall space all the design of a vital project.

          In the arrangement of the overall system streamline, we must first solve the business hall of the traffic streamline design, it directly determines the customer's psychological feelings of the mall. Planning and design should pay attention to streamline organization should be based on simple, smooth, convenient principle, to ensure that customers can enjoy shopping, to avoid dead ends. At the same time, but also in the emergency fire prevention and emergency time, quickly evacuated customers.

          Shopping malls we have seen a lot, every mall, will let us see a different decoration. Different shopping malls decoration design, often the impact of our shopping malls is still very important. The most important thing about shopping malls is the creation of a shopping environment. Therefore, we in the decoration, we must pay attention to this aspect of the upgrade.

      Cooperation hotline:
      021 6402 5126 / 5485 1053
      The number of Shanghai public network is installed:31011702000204
      • 電話咨詢
      • 13370299388
      • 021-64025126
      • 021-54851053