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      Our Factory.
      Xindian Factory
      We and anhui, respectively, set up factories in Shanghai, the Shanghai factory is located in the qingpu waterford show road economic development zone, covers an area of 2000 ㎡. Anhui factory is located in the China traditional Chinese painting of the township of suzhou city xiao county economic development zone, covers an area of 6000 ㎡. The factory has more than 100 employees, including a woodworking workshop, a paint workshop, an iron art workshop and a display room for finished products.
      For a long time, xindian factory takes "happy culture" as the core, takes the new craftsman attitude of striving for perfection as the criterion, to polish every living product, and keeps the details in mind to determine the quality, and the quality shows the resounding slogan of human character.
      We create a happy enterprise, achieve happy employees, let more people live a happier life, xinpoint with a broad mind and innovative power, leading the way, write 100 years of brand aspirations.
      Carefully selected materials craftsmanship
      Each board of xindian factory has its story, it may stand out from each other, but without exception, adhering to a journey of pure manual and machine mutual: from manual material selection, manual planing, manual painting to manual quality inspection, to machine upgrading, respecting and adhering to furniture and exhibition cabinet aesthetics; It does not discipline, but inadvertently, the hands of the tens of millions of love has been subject. After inheriting and touching the value of the craft, you will understand xindian's exploration and thinking of each product, and you will also deeply feel that xindian is worthy of cooperation.
      Our Team.
      Xindian team
      We strive for excellence, uphold the spirit of craftsman, with the professional to achieve every detail perfection, practical and customer communication, create standard engineering
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      Provide complete project plan drawing
      Confirm project quotation and detail
      Sign project construction contract
      Advance collection of project construction and production costs down
      Entry construction and production
      Completion inspection and acceptance
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      How to do mall decoration design?


      1, interior space planning and layout design

      Shopping mall interior design and planning, the designer should be repeated shopping malls to consider the shopping environment, one by one that the building itself to the structural characteristics of commercial operators and the utilization requirements of the design integration to meet the requirements of business positioning, the width, depth , The straightness of the adaptability of the design, to enter the mall customers comfortable walking routes, effective acceptance of the store's business culture, consciously adjust the consumer's shopping density, eliminate the fatigue of shopping, the size of the future stationed brand should be the whole Orientation of the calculation, these design considerations for the future operation of the mall is of great significance.

      2, brand atmosphere and guidance system design

      When the layout of the mall after the establishment of the brand image of the atmosphere design will assume an important interpretation of the brand area, brand atmosphere design focused on the level of brand resource positioning, age differences, gender differences, functional description and fashion guide, different brands of culture Attribute, natural and reasonable convergence in a specific business environment, the common interpretation of the store's fashion information, so that the layout of the goods within the store reasonable positioning, clear and accurate to convey to the customer. The guidance system is an important part of the design of the shopping mall environment. The application function is very comprehensive, the indoor and outdoor introduction, the introduction of the floor industry, the guidance of the functional area and the publicity of the brand culture. The guidance system not only indicates the specific Direction, but also implies the shopping malls on the consumer and the operator of the business concept of the interpretation of the specific content of the layout, material selection, production process, installation specifications are in the actual use of the mall against the fashion taste.

      3, the theme of positioning and design

      Commercial buildings inside and outside to be a unified design and processing, the design style should have a unified concept and theme, shopping malls design directly reflects the mall theme and positioning, with a certain commercial landmark color, the effect of the design should be able to So that people feel the environmental quality of shopping malls, the selection and decoration structure should focus on this principle, according to different business positioning to determine the facade of decorative materials, formal structure, which requires the absorption of commercial resources, positioning , Reset the process of reorganization, always runs through the new design concept, shopping malls show has a clear theme, the spread of the effect and attractiveness will be greatly enhanced, so that "shopping" this modern city life the most important leisure Way to get the interpretation of fashion and taste, so that people enjoy the shopping brought about by the joy and passion.

      Good shopping mall decoration to bring more consumers of all ages. Shopping mall decoration environment to create, often can let us feel a different atmosphere, which is our shopping malls to enhance the sales is a great help. We must not ignore this point, to better enhance the effect of the renovation of the mall up.

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