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      Our Factory.
      Xindian Factory
      We and anhui, respectively, set up factories in Shanghai, the Shanghai factory is located in the qingpu waterford show road economic development zone, covers an area of 2000 ㎡. Anhui factory is located in the China traditional Chinese painting of the township of suzhou city xiao county economic development zone, covers an area of 6000 ㎡. The factory has more than 100 employees, including a woodworking workshop, a paint workshop, an iron art workshop and a display room for finished products.
      For a long time, xindian factory takes "happy culture" as the core, takes the new craftsman attitude of striving for perfection as the criterion, to polish every living product, and keeps the details in mind to determine the quality, and the quality shows the resounding slogan of human character.
      We create a happy enterprise, achieve happy employees, let more people live a happier life, xinpoint with a broad mind and innovative power, leading the way, write 100 years of brand aspirations.
      Carefully selected materials craftsmanship
      Each board of xindian factory has its story, it may stand out from each other, but without exception, adhering to a journey of pure manual and machine mutual: from manual material selection, manual planing, manual painting to manual quality inspection, to machine upgrading, respecting and adhering to furniture and exhibition cabinet aesthetics; It does not discipline, but inadvertently, the hands of the tens of millions of love has been subject. After inheriting and touching the value of the craft, you will understand xindian's exploration and thinking of each product, and you will also deeply feel that xindian is worthy of cooperation.
      Our Team.
      Xindian team
      We strive for excellence, uphold the spirit of craftsman, with the professional to achieve every detail perfection, practical and customer communication, create standard engineering
      Step 01
      Step 02
      Step 03
      Reception to negotiate
      Provide complete project plan drawing
      Confirm project quotation and detail
      Sign project construction contract
      Advance collection of project construction and production costs down
      Entry construction and production
      Completion inspection and acceptance
      So we're going to take project balance payment
      Lifelong maintenance
      Regularly visit

      Shop facade how to decorate more prosperous


      So, how to design a popular popularity, the heyday of the shops? Is not in accordance with the prosperity of others shop decoration design, copy copy can be the same money? In fact, is not, wear clothes we have to cover the ugly beauty, for example, short legs or "elephant legs" you wear horse boots and people are well-proportioned, thigh slender straight people, giving the same effect of beautiful? The Another example is the same name, one made brilliant achievements, another poor and down. So that everything should vary from person to person and vary from person to person. Shop decoration layout is the same reason, a profitable shop must be with the owner of the industry and personal fate combined with the students.

      Example Comments:

      The beginning of the day by the customer asked the author to go to the shop Fengshen Fengshen, Mr. Lee is to do the garment industry, before the business is very good, after a shop decoration transformation, the business has been bad, to the author went to geomancy when there has been a loss of state, I went to the time, the facade has posted a transfer of the brand. Lee originally intended to try again for three months after the expiration of the rent even after the turn, but also to move elsewhere.

      Fortune-telling detailed analysis of the original Mr. Lee's fortune is the five elements of fire, but also to wealth for the hi, and he engaged in the clothing industry five elements are also classified as five elements of fire (where beautiful, beautiful industry can be classified as five elements of fire, and Clothes are mostly cotton, hemp, and cotton and linen are wood, wood fire; modern clothing materials, mostly chemical fiber, chemical fiber is extracted from the oil, are flammable, is a fire, therefore, clothing is wood fire, Wood fire, fire closer). Can be said that Mr. Lee is engaged in the garment industry is the right to meet the fate of the way of making money, in fact, he engaged in the garment industry for many years, but also pocketed the first pot of gold life.

      The original decoration of the original color of Lee shop mainly white, the cashier placed in the north of the grams of money (water grams of fire), the cash register is made of metal, the house is made of metal containers, lighting is a white. Mr. Lee is intended to be white and metal with the shop clean and bright, people feel fresh and bright, and then God of wealth is also clean and bright. I do not know the white for the gold, he hit the financial resources are wood, (wooden main clothing) gold wood phase grams, restricting the source of money; and cashier placed in the camp (water), his money for fire, Phase grams of constraints, of course, there will be no wealth, not closed it strange?

      After conditioning the feng shui after conditioning

      Shop decorated with light green as the main tone, green classified in the five elements of wood, wood fire and Wang Cai. Red classified in the five elements of fire, cashier's material to wood, the desktop color to red-based. And then turn the color of the spotlight into a little warm light. Finally, Mr. Zhang Xinlong called the owner and then put the cash register in the shop feng shui in the financial position, just this bit is Mr. Lee's financial position, Mr. Lee is really auspicious ah! Very few shops feng shui two superfluous, and so on a good fortune feng shui let Mr. Lee on each, and is really blessing blessing Habitat, blessing blessing blessing!

      After a simple modification, Mr. Lee's shop traffic than the previous surge, the turnover rate has increased, the business much better than in the past.

      Cooperation hotline:
      021 6402 5126 / 5485 1053
      The number of Shanghai public network is installed:31011702000204
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