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      Women 's underwear shop design decoration eight principles


      Women's underwear shop store design decoration eight principles underwear store design decoration, not only affect the real interests of a brand, but also related to the development and extension of the brand. On the other hand, in the design and decoration, not only to reflect the characteristics of the brand, but also to varying degrees to express the brand style, philosophy and cultural concepts. The terminal is a direct window showing the underwear brand. Is a platform for all terminal marketing tools.

      Therefore, the terminal image building is the first part of the terminal marketing, a brand of SI system to determine down, the promotion of each single store is very important, otherwise SI will lose its meaning. Shop project to ensure that the image of each single store must be implemented SI thinking in order to reflect the unity of the brand image.

      1, the terminal product display cabinet

      Terminal display cabinet quality level, related to the consumer's impression of this brand. First, the product display cabinet used by the color and shape to be in line with the concept of the brand; second, to better set off, rendering products; third, to keep up with the trend, not out of date.

      2, dressing room

      Dressing room is not big, but rather fine. Feel a brand, we must try its products, that stay in the dressing room this time, will be the key to the decision of consumers. As a result, the planning of the dressing room to ventilation and good conditions, fresh air; to prepare a place to hang clothes and women make up some of the supplies; also have on the underwear dressing "guide map"; wall color and light It is also important to make women feel warm, just like in their own room.

      3, cashier

      Is an important part of the entire store space. It is important to be consistent with the showcase, complement each other, play a decoration store, the role of standardization. On the other hand, you can store data and make it easy to check out.

      4, light

      How to attract the attention of women? How to better please them? Keep them? "Good light" has been consumers as one of the most important environmental factors, 75% of consumers believe that the store's lighting is very important Directly affect their buying behavior. Especially as underwear such a special personal consumer products, most of the women mainly by the feeling to buy, the impact of light on them is even more prominent.

      Light points in smallpox, window, light boxes, showcase, dressing room, light mold and other aspects, mainly from the contrast products and rendering the atmosphere of the role of the store. In order to maximize the role of lighting, we must take into account the underwear product display and decoration design style, not simply the pursuit of light arrangement and unique shape, more emphasis on the object (including the furnishings and image printing, There is plenty of direct light (to the shape of the United States of the main spotlights, there is no place to display through the indirect light source, so the use of light density and change, so that the level of the store more diversified, more sense of space, shopping The atmosphere is thicker.

      Another important point is to pay attention to the energy saving of the lights to reduce the unnecessary cost.

      5, the store wall and the door of the design and planning

      The facade of the store is also a brand of the facade, the most important thing is to be able to clearly show the brand name and logo, to eye-catching, simple, the atmosphere, and can express the brand's cultural philosophy. At the same time, in color and decoration to be able to have a significant difference with the next store. Such as: high-brightness color attracts the attention of passers-by, through the store building language, reflecting the brand of a certain characteristic, is an important way to make the brand deeply rooted.

      6, the freight area reasonable setting

      Cargo area set up a flow line, so that consumers from the door to go out, along the direction of the product display guide, consciously read the product, there is no product display dead ends. It is with the dressing area, rest area has a significant difference, while forming a whole. The main purpose is to allow consumers to better select their own products, and have a general understanding of all products.

      7, consumer rest area set

      The consumer lounge area is one of the performance of a lingerie store. Accompanied by his girlfriend or wife to buy underwear for men is a chore, and in the rest area, they can feel considerate and thoughtful service. For example: in the consumer lounge area with a comfortable sofa, coffee table, placed all kinds of fashion trendy women's magazines and on the car, football and other aspects of the magazine, and the use of VCD / DVD player brand dynamic news or fantastic underwear show Wait. So that every person to the store, can feel the warm, meticulous service, and then establish the brand's reputation and loyalty.

      8, POP advertising settings

      POP advertising is an indispensable place to promote the brand one of the means.

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