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      Do not comply with the provisions of the shop decoration also have to rectification


      Qipu Road clothing market has always been an important channel for many shops purchase, daily traffic is huge, so fire safety is particularly important. Reporters recently learned that since mid-July, seven Pu Road Management Committee has implemented the "small shops decoration restrictions Ordinance", requiring small shops in the decoration before the need to commercial buildings, the CMC and other filing, approved by the fire department before the construction The

          For the decoration before the good shops, the relevant departments will regularly check, once found the problem, immediately put forward the rectification notice.

      Shop decoration details to be filed

          Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the seven Pu Road market Hao Pu commercial buildings, including the second floor of a shop just finished renovation, the area is about twenty or thirty square meters, the door prominent position placed two fire extinguishers, indoor lighting from the clothing distance More than 20 centimeters, in the corridor outside the door, the spray device is also in a prominent position.

          Seven Pu Road Administrative Committee staff to come up with a "seven Pu Road, the internal decoration application form", in the application form, one by one list of shops fire facilities, such as "fire extinguisher, a spray device" In addition, in the application form there is a business map of the general structure of shops, and marked "in the shop to add two shelves" request.

          Seven Pu Road Administrative Committee Deputy Director Ding Zhenxiang introduction, the above are "seven Pu Road market and commercial renovation fire safety management Interim Provisions" on the decoration restrictions on the new provisions in mid-July to implement. Before the renovation of the shops need to provide the record for the commercial buildings, the CMC, as the case, the approval of these records, there are already one or two hundred shops for registration.

          "We mainly examine the construction team qualification, the use of materials such as the provisions of the fire, the construction process involving the use of fire facilities, such as spraying and other devices, subject to the consent of the fire department." He also stressed that for the decoration of the shops, Relevant departments may impose penalties in accordance with the relevant fire regulations.

      Unauthorized inspection of shops can not be opened privately

          When asked whether it is possible to appear in the shop, in accordance with the requirements of the form to fill in the form, but in the construction process, not in accordance with the contents of the form to submit the operation of the case, Ding Zhenxiang said, in order to prevent this situation, the relevant departments Will be checked later. He said: "The fire department for the decoration of shops to check, unchecked shops can not open.

          In addition, according to him, Zhabei fire brigade on the seven Pu Road, the security situation is very concerned about the basic one month there will be more than 10 times the spot checks from the inspection results, there have been no shops in accordance with the record form for construction.

      Decoration without fire protection materials to be rectification

          Compared with the Hao Pu commercial buildings, Lianfu commercial shops are relatively early decoration, so more or less there are some fire loopholes. In the building of a floor, more than a dozen shops shop entrance, the placement of fire extinguishers should not see the location of the fire equipment.

          The CMC staff said: "These shops are relatively early opening, the original decoration for this there is no strict requirements, but the CMC and the fire department will regularly spot checks and found that does not meet the relevant provisions of the rectification will be a single change "

          Ding Zhenxiang also said that the earlier renovation of the shops in the material is not strictly required, but the "seven Pu Road market and commercial renovation fire safety management Interim Provisions" after the implementation of the shop for the decoration before the inspection will be, if the decoration process without the use of fireproof materials Or does not meet the requirements, will require its rectification.

          Since July 1, the CMC has received from the fire department sent four shops rectification notice, the main problem focused on privately building temporary buildings. Upon receipt of the rectification notice, the shop in a day or two will be able to respond and rectification is completed.

          According to a staff member, now belongs to the decoration off-season, so the rectification notice is not too much, the most exposed problems generally concentrated around the New Year, rectification content mostly concentrated in the line problem.

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